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Your Home. Our Comprehensive Solutions and Services.

Starting at Just $249

We applaud your desire to sell your home yourself and save your hard earned money. However, having a few tools to help your sale success should not be overlooked. ShowPal offers our amazing solutions in an easy to use platform to help you sell your home and stay safe during showings. Solutions and services obtained dependent on paid plan.

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Price Your Home Right!

Pricing your home right is the most important task to succeed at in order to sell your home. With ShowPal, you obtain a home value report, independent home appraisal and comparable market analysis so you have all the data you need to set your listing price.


Professional Photos

Homes with great photos get more showings and better offers. All homes on the ShowPal platform get professional real estate photos taken.


Complete All Legal Disclosures Online at Sign Up.

ShowPal’s platform takes you step-by-step through all necessary legal documents and allows you to e-sign online. Upon scheduling a showing, buyers get access to appropriate disclosures and documents of your property. Selling a home has never been easier.

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ShowPal Listing and Marketing Services

We take the hassle out of getting your home online. ShowPal lists your home on Zillow, Trulia and We can even place your home on the MLS and we never charge a listing commission.

Our marketing gurus then get some serious attention to your home with social media and web activity. ShowPal elevates your listing above the rest.

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Yard Sign

Don’t waste your money on cheap hardware store yard signs. Get noticed with a premium ShowPal yard sign that directs buyers to simply schedule their showing online

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Life is busy and performing your own showings takes up your time and can be intimidating for buyers. ShowPal meets buyers and gives them access to your home for their showings so you can concentrate on the sale without the hassle of showings.

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Online Showing Schedule

Simply set when your home is available for showings. Buyers can then schedule their showings online and only during times when you have made the home available, making it easy on all parties.


Identity Verification of Buyers Prior to Showings

In a typical FSBO model, home sellers welcome complete strangers into their home. This leaves the seller vulnerable to crimes. With ShowPal, all buyers perform an a quick online ID verification prior to being able to schedule a showing of your home. Regardless of the plan you choose, safety for all parties and protecting your home is important us.

Showing Assistance

ShowPatrol, our internal security service allows verified buyers into your home for showings and we remain on premise for the entire showing. We then make sure the home is secure when the showing is over. ShowPal is a hassle-free home selling experience without the cost of a traditional agent!


ShowPal’s Property IQ

You home’s Property IQ is made available to buyers that schedule a showing of your home. This innovative solution was built from the ground up and allows buyers to have on-demand access to important details and documents about your home. ShowPal’s Property IQ allows a buyer to leave with offers, not questions!


Online Offer and Negotiation Platform

ShowPal developed an online offer and negotiation platform so that buyers and sellers can conveniently work back and forth on the price and any contingencies without the delays or cost of an intermediary agent. If a preliminary agreement is reached, the information is immediately routed to our partner real estate attorney or the attorney of the seller’s choosing.


Integrated Real Estate Attorney Partner

Once an offer is submitted our partner attorney steps in and works with the seller and buyer from contract to close. Our partner attorney performs all necessary legal work to bring the home to to a successful close. The attorney also collects the buyer’s earnest money and holds it in the firm’s trust account until close, making it easy on all parties.

*Real estate attorney fees are not included in the ShowPal pricing plan fees and the attorney fee typically ranges from $600-$800. This fee is assessed to the seller(s) upon close. There is no direct fee to the buyer(s)

Our Amazing Solutions & Services Comes in a Variety of Pricing Plans. You Simply Choose the Plan that is Right For You.


ShowPal Plans

Basic $249
Standard $999
Premium $1499
Ultimate MLS $1999
Independent Home Appraisal
The home value report or independent home appraisal and comparative market analysis helps guide you to a fair market value for your home.

Home Value Report

Comparable Market Analysis
Professional Real Estate Photos
Each plan comes with up to 20 professional real estate photos or editing of existing photos. Want more photos? Additional photo editing or photos available to purchase directly from the photographer for $10 per photo.
Listing on Zillow, Trulia and
Listing on the MLS
Listing on the MLS offers you the best opportunity to sell your home. However, listing on the MLS requires that you be willing to pay a buyer's agent if they bring a buyer that results in the sale of your home. The standard commission is 3%.
Yard Sign
ShowPal Lock-Box
The lock-box is only accessible by ShowPatrol for your scheduled showings.
Online Showing Booking & Alert System
You set when your home is available for showings. Buyers then schedule within the availability of your home. All showings are scheduled for 1 hour.
ID Verification of Touring Buyers
Standard FSBO models do not perform ID verification of people coming into your home. This leaves you susceptible to crimes by individuals posing as prospective buyers but with criminal intentions.
Showing Assistance with ShowPatrol
With ShowPatrol you do not have to manage and attend showings. We do it for you! ShowPatrol lets buyers into your home and locks it back up at the end of a showing.
ShowPal Property IQ
Answer any buyer's question on-demand with Property IQ. Upload any document that helps buyers learn more about your home or neighborhood.
Online Offer Platform
Receive, Negotiate and Accept Offers Online. Review all offers in your offer dashboard.
Real Estate Agent Offer Assistance
If you choose the MLS plan, our partner broker and agents present and negotiate offers on your behalf.
Integrated Real Estate Attorney
We have partnered with a real estate attorney to help the seller and buyer draft a legally binding purchase agreement once you have accepted an offer. The attorney also performs vital tasks to prepare your home for closing and delivers necessary documents to the closing agent.
Earnest Money Collection From Buyer
With our standard and premium plans our partner real estate attorney collects the buyer's earnest money and deposits it in the law firm's trust account. In the MLS plan, our partner real estate broker collects and deposits the buyer's earnest money in the brokerage trust account. In both cases, the earnest money is held until closing and is recorded on the settlement statement.
Pricing Installments

$249 Now

$499 now and $500 at closing

$499 now and $1000 at closing

$499 now and $1500 at closing

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